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Books & Articles on Hops and Home Brewing


   The following links are for your informational purposes only, we're not promoting any selling sites; we are only trying to give the best possible informative information as available. Thank You; if you have any suggestions you can e-mail us.

   Bamforth, Charles: "Standards of Brewing: A Practical Approach to Consistency and Excellence" (Brewers Publications 2002); "Beer: Tap into the Art and Science of Brewing" (Plenum Press 1998. ISBN: 0306457970).

Standards of Brewing: A Practical Approach to Consistency and Excellence Beer: Tap into the Art and Science of Brewing

   Burch, Byron: "Brewing Quality Beers" (Joby Books. ISBN: 0960428410).

Brewing Quality Beers

   Daniels, Ray: "Designing Great Beers" (Brewers Publications 1996. ISBN: 0937381500); "Hop Physiology and Chemistry" (Zymurgy Magazine Special Issue 1997).

Designing Great Beers

   Fix, George: "Principals of Brewing Science" (Second Edition, Brewers Publications 1999. ISBN: 0937381748); "An Analysis of Brewing Techniques" (Co-written with Laurie Fix, Brewers Publications 1997. ISBN: 0937381470 ).

Principals of Brewing Science An Analysis of Brewing Techniques

   Garetz, Mark: "Using Hops" (Hop Tech 1994. ISBN: 0964078503); "Hop Storage" (Brewing Techniques, Jan. 1994).

Using Hops

   Hall, Michael: "IBU" (Zymurgy Magazine Special Issue 1997).

   Hardwick, William A.: "Handbook of Brewing" (Marcel Dekker Inc. 1995. ISBN: 0824789083).

   Harris, John: "Hop Evaluation and Selection Poster" (MBAA Technical Quarterly, Vol. 37, No. I 2000).

   Hounold, Alfred & Nickerson, Gail B.: "Factors Affecting Hop Production, Hop Quality and Brewers Preference" (Brewing Techniques May/June 1993).

   Hough, J.S.; Briggs, D.E.; Stevens, R.; Young, T.W.: "Malting and Brewing Science Volume 2", "Hopped Wort & Beer" (Chapman and Hall 1982. ISBN 0412165902).

Malting and Brewing Science Volume 2

   Korzonas, Al: "Home Brewing" (Paperback Textbook 1997), "Brewing Made Easy", Co-written with Fisher, Dennis (Storey Books 1996).

Brewing Made Easy

   Lewis, Gregory K.: "Kiss of the Hops" (The New Brewer July/Aug. 1994).

   Lewis, Michael & Young, Tom W.: "Brewing" (Second Edition, Plenum Publishers 2002. ISBN: 0306472740).


   Master Brewers Association of the Americas: "The Practical Brewer" (Third Edition, MBAA 1999).

   Mosher, Randy: "The Brewers Companion" (Alephenalia Press 1995. ISBN: 0964041014), "Zymurgy's Guide to Hops Poster" (Zymurgy Magazine Special Issue 1997).

The Brewers Companion

   Neves, Ray A.: "Hops" (Chapman and Hall 1991).

   Noonan, Gregory J.: "Brewing Lager Beer" (Brewers Publications 1996. ISBN 0937381012).

   Olson, Ralph: "2002 Hop Harvest Report" (The New Brewer Nov./Dec. 2002), "Hops from field to glass" (The New Brewer July/Aug. 1994).

   Papazian, Charlie: "The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing" (Avon Books 1991. ISBN: 0380763664).

The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing

   Pengelly PH. D., Bill: "Hop Flavor and Aroma" (The New Brewer Mar./Apr. 2002).

   Tinseth, Glenn: "The Essential Oils of Hops: Aroma and Flavor in Hops and Beer" (Brewing Techniques Jan./ Feb. 1994).

   Zymurgy Magazine: "Hops, Hops and More Hops!" (Zymurgy Magazine Nov./Dec. 2001), "The Classic Guide to Hops" (Zymurgy Magazine Special Issue 1997), "Hops and Beer" (Zymurgy Magazine Special Issue 1990).

   The above list of Books and Articles was generously provided by HopUnion CBS.